Frequently Asked Questions

A current version of the rulebook can be found on our rules page.

Score Cards

The 4 cards with tennis balls numbered 1-3 on green backgrounds are the score cards.

Turn one face-down and use it to cover up portions of the other one to show how many points you have.

Court Cards

The deck comes with 16 court cards. The 4 extra cards are used in doubles.


Character Cards

At the beginning of the game, deal each player a character (or let them choose). Keep your character card for the whole game.

Your character card acts as your player piece: place your character card on top of a court card to indicate your character is on that space. The “Set-Up” section of the rules tells you where your characters start at the beginning of the game.

Characters have abilities that can be used in different ways during the game.  These abilities are explained on the cards themselves.

Ability Clarifications

Mægister Rich — When Rich plays an Enchant-2 as part of a shot, his opponents may not Enchant their return hit. The opponents may still may use Enchantments to move.

Meddlemagus Toots — Can use her ability on herself.

Shapeshifter Simon — Can only copy characters in play.

Witch WendolynMust use her ability once (and only once) every draw phase. She may not use it at any other time.

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